Lazy Chart For Converting – DME – LME -GRAIN

A lot of times, you need a reference chart in order to help convert from DME, LME, Grain and back.   This makes super fast work of converting LME and DME as well as grains.   Honestly this is one of the better cheat sheets that I’ve seen.  Really does make fast work when your in a pinch.

Grain Liquid Dry
1 0.75 0.6
1.5 1.125 0.9
2 1.5 1.2
2.5 1.875 1.5
3 2.25 1.8
3.5 2.625 2.1
4 3 2.4
4.5 3.375 2.7
5 3.75 3
5.5 4.125 3.3
6 4.5 3.6
6.5 4.875 3.9
7 5.25 4.2
7.5 5.625 4.5
8 6 4.8
8.5 6.375 5.1
9 6.75 5.4
9.5 7.125 5.7
10 7.5 6
10.5 7.875 6.3
11 8.25 6.6
11.5 8.625 6.9
12 9 7.2
12.5 9.375 7.5
13 9.75 7.8
13.5 10.125 8.1
14 10.5 8.4
14.5 10.875 8.7
15 11.25 9
15.5 11.625 9.3
16 12 9.6
16.5 12.375 9.9
17 12.75 10.2
17.5 13.125 10.5
18 13.5 10.8
18.5 13.875 11.1
19 14.25 11.4




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