Light Braggot Recipe

This braggot is more of a refreshing and a lighter style braggot.  Braggots are beer with honey.  It’s a very old style drink.  Since I’m on this braggot kick I figured that I should throw in a lighter one into the mix, next one will be a dark one.  This will have a sweeter and maltier flavor to it.


Bee's make great honey


Ingredients for 5 gallons

3 lbs Pils Light DME

2 lbs Honey (10 min)

1 lbs Caramunich I

.5 lbs 20L

.25 lbs CaraVienne

.5 lbs Oats

1 oz Glacier Hops (60 min)

WLP 002



  • Heat 2.5 gallons of water up to 150
  • Steep grains for 30 min
  • Take grains out
  • Add Malt extract
  • Bring to boil
  • Add Glacier hops
  • Boil for 50 min
  • Add honey
  • Boil for 10 min
  • End boil
  • Cool down, put in fermenter, fill to 5 gallons, pitch yeast
  • Ferment for 2 weeks
  • Put in secondary
  • Ferment for 2 week
  • Bottle
  • Drink after 1 month in bottles



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6 Replies to “Light Braggot Recipe”

  1. How did this beer turn out for you? I brewed a porter with honey this fall and it turned out horrible. I’m not sure what went wrong with it, but the whole thing, flavor and carbonation is off. I’m not sure if it has to do with using honey for the first time or some other factor. I’d be interested to see how yours was.

  2. Did you use honey for the bottling? Using it for the bottling part usually is pretty unpredictable. I guess what I’m asking is, when do you put in the honey? And how much did you use? As far as this recipe, it was solid.

  3. I added the honey in the boil. My guess is that something else went wrong somewhere along the line but it was the first time that I used honey in a beer so I’m not completely sure what the culprit was.

  4. Ya if you added it in the boil, maybe you added to much. too much will make it go to either a sweet mead flavor or give it a dried out flavor to it. If it had a vinegar flavor maybe an infection. if it had a fruity flavor maybe the fermentation temp. Any of those describing it?

  5. Ya it fermented out that’s why. A few ways to solve it in the future if you wanted to give a go to the recipe again. 1) Don’t use as much honey – more fuel you give the higher alcohol 2) Use an English style yeast – these don’t ferment out generally the same as American ones typically do. The result will always be residual sugars i.e sweeter beer. 3) Do everything the same but don’t add all the honey in the boil. Save most of it for a secondary purpose. Boil the honey in some water, cool it down put it in the secondary. By doing that it won’t ferment it out all the way and you’ll get more of that honey flavor. 4) Do step “3” but also add “honey malt” as one of your steeping grains (maybe .5 lbs) and this will aid in the honey flavor.

    Hope it helps. Good luck – let me know if you have any other questions.

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