About Jay’s Brewing

Jay’s Brewing has been selling home brewing supplies since 2002 and over the years has expanded it’s offerings to include wine, cheese, yogurt, kombucha, and mead making supplies.

Established in 2002, Jay’s Brewing began operation in the basement of the original owner, ‘Jay”. Later, in 2008 Jay had the opportunity to move to North Carolina and start up a meadery. So, with a desire to continue the legacy, 2nd owner Derek Satz purchased Jay’s Brewing and decided keep the name as an homage to the original owner. Since 2008 Derek worked hard to expand upon the homegrown operation. With the addition of a full functioning website, and a thriving storefront, Derek’s contributions laid the foundation for what Jay’s is today. Then in early 2014 Derek’s entrepreneurial spirit got the best of him and his focus began shifting to bigger things and by the following year he was ready to make his move. Having keyed into some of the tell-tale signs, and for fear that we might lose my beloved homebrew shop, Jill and I expressed our interest to purchase the business. Over the course of a few months the details were worked out and Jill and I are now the proud owners of Jay’s Brewing, Northern Virginia’s longest standing Homebrew Supply shop.

We are located in Manassas, Virginia.  All of our ingredients are loose, meaning we have everything in bulk.  Jay’s Brewing is a brewer’s grocery store, so you can help yourself!  We have everything you need for your recipes!

We sell starter kits and over 350 different recipe kits.  To ensure freshness, all of our kits are made on the spot!  At Jay’s Brewing, we are proud of our kits, and stand behind them.

Home brewing and home wine-making are growing sub cultures.  Some people enjoy home brewing for fun, while others develop an interest in home brewing clubs and tournaments.   At Jay’s Brewing, we meet your needs and offer expert advice, troubleshooting, assistance with recipe development, as well as a wide variety of ingredients to help you make your ‘perfect beer.’

Jay’s Brewing is a home brew shop that is for everyday people who enjoy this great hobby of home brewing and home wine-making. We know how great the satisfaction is of creating something of your own.  Jay’s Brewing employees take pride in sharing our customized products with our friends and families.  Our blog is a reflection of that and we welcome you to check it out!

One of the great things about the hobby of home brewing or home wine-making is that anyone can partake!  You can make an amazing batch of home-brewed goodness no matter your level of experience.  At Jay’s Brewing, we carry the supplies/ingredients that you need, as well as the knowledge to aid you in the process.

All of our grains, malts, and hops are displayed in self-service containers for you to view, smell, and taste as you wish!


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