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Belgian Blonde


Hops are subject to change due to availability

White Buffalo

Belgian Blond Ale

It’s zesty spicy with orange, juniper and malt.  The palate with malt hop bitterness and hints of orange with carbonation.  It has a long dry finish.

OG: 1.065  FG: 1.013  IBU:25  SRM:7 ABV:6.5%

Ready in:  Weeks 5


20L Crystal Malt

Aromatic Malt


Northern Brewer  (60min)

Bitter Orange Peel (15min)

Sweet Orange Peel (15min)

Juniper Berries (15min)

Styrian Goldings (15min)

Bitter Orange Peel (5min)

Sweet Orange Peel (5min)

Coriander (5min)

Styrian Goldings (5min)





Belgian Blonde Ale

It has sweet malt, light fruit and spice leading to a round mouth feel.  The flavor is well balanced with malt and spicy hops is almost peppery followed by a long lasting complex aftertaste.

OG: 1.073  FG: 1.014  IBU:26  SRM:6  ABV:7.5%

Ready in:  Weeks 10


Aromatic Malt

Biscuit Malt


East Kent Goldings (60min)

East Kent Goldings (15min)

Hallertau  (15min)



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