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Imperial IPA

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Beaver Attack

Imperial IPA

Northwest hops that is a big hitting hops.  The hop bitterness is the main flavor of this beer.  You won’t forget this beer.

OG:1.072  FG:1.017  IBU:90  SRM: 12  ABV:7%

Ready in:  6 weeks


60L Crystal Malt


Magnum (60min)

Cascade (15min)

Liberty (15min)

Casacde (10min)

Liberty (10min)

Cascade (2 min)



In laws

Imperial IPA

Malt comes in to support the hops so there is the balance but the nod in this brew is definitely toward the hops.  It has a long hoppy finish from the large amount of the late addition hops and dry hoping.  If you are a hop head this is a great beer.

OG:1.111  FG:1.025  IBU:100  SRM: 11  ABV:11%

Ready in: 9 weeks


20L Crystal Malt

Cara Munich

Torrified Wheat


Chinook (60min)

Cascade (15min)

Cascade (10min)

Centennial (10min)

Chinook (10min)

Chinook (4min)

Cascade (dry hop)

Chinook (dry hop)

Centennial (dry hop)





The Mother In Law

Imperial IPA

By volume is over 10% and IBU’s are 102.  But even with that this is extremely drinkable.  Not only getting the hops but you are also getting the malt back bone.  The hops and malt are consumed before your first sip.

OG:1.101  FG:1.021  IBU:102  SRM: 16  ABV:10.2%

Ready in:  8 weeks


120L Crystal Malt

Victory Malt


Columbus (60min)

Crystal (15min)

Columbus (15min)

Centennial (1min)

Galena  (1min)

Columbus (dry hop)

Centennial (dry hop)

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