Dry Wine Yeast

Red Star Champagne Yeast

Red Star- Champagne Yeast Red Star Pasteur Champagne (Davis 595), a strain of Saccharomyces bayanus.  It is a widely used beer strain.  This is a strong yast with great ethanol tolerance. This strain also has good tolerance to free sulfur dioxide.

This strain is recommended for all white wines, some reds and for fruit juices.


Red Star Cuvee Yeast

This yeast has a great tolerance to alcohol and SO2. Ferments to dryness. Low producer of foam. Recommended for reds, whites, and especially for champagne. A bit dryer then the Champagne yeast.  Very close to EC-1118.


Red Star Montrachet Yeast

This strain also has good tolerance to free sulfur dioxide and is recommended for full bodied reds and whites.  Montrachet is noted for low volatile acidity, good flavor complexity, and intense color.


Red Star Cote Des Blanc

This yeast needs nutrient addition for most chardonnay fermenations. Cote des Blancs has a fine, fruity aromas and may be controlled by making the temperature a bit lower. This yeast is great for reds whites and non-grape fruit wines.



Lalvin RC 212

This wine yeast is really great for Red’s.  This strain helps with enhancing fruit flavors. The darker the red, the better this yeast preforms.

Alcohol 12%-14%


Lalvin D47

Is great for whites.  I’ve used this one with meads as well. This strain of yeast really does need appropriate nitrogen levels in order to turn out well, so make sure to add nutrient as well as energizer to it.

Alcohol 12%-14%


Lalvin 71B-1122

What’s kinda cool about this yeast is that it can metabolize malic acid turning it into ethenol.  Now in engish, it will make acidic wines or meads, melomels (fruit meads) into more well rounded ones with out such a bite if you start off with lots of acid in it.

Alcohol 14%


Lalvin K1V-1116

I typically use this one for ciders and natural fruit that are light. It works really great with stuck fermentations as well.  The reason why I prefer this one with ciders and a lot of light country wines is that it is an extremely competitive yeast strain. It needs a high level of nitrogen though, so act appropreityly.  Another thing about this yeast is that it keeps the fruity flavor longer then other strains.

Alcohol 16%-18%


Lalvin EC-1118

This is a champagne style of yeast.  It can take a wide range of fermentation temps as well (50 degrees up to 95 degrees).  This is a great yeast to help restart stuck fermentations as well get a high alcohol if that’s what your going for.

Alcohol 18%



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