Pots And Spoons

Pots, Funnels And Spoons


7.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Pot 
Stainless 30-quart (7.5 gallon) size is just big enough to do a full-wort boil for a 5 gallon batch, and is an inexpensive all-grain kettle. These pots are the perfect size pot to be able to do a rolling boil with an all-grain batch with out worrying about boil overs

PRICE: $85.99


Pot – 20 Quart Stainless Steel 
A stainless steel pot is needed for brewing beer and this is the only pot an extract brewer will ever need.

PRICE: $41.99


18″ Plastic Paddle 
The Plastic Stirring Paddle is perfect for stirring the wort in your extract batches

PRICE: $6.99


Antisplash – Funnel 
This funnel allows you to transfer liquids without spilling & includes a strainer that is specially designed not to clog. The end of the funnel fits securely into the neck of the carboy for hands free use.

PRICE: $12.99


Spoon – 21 Inch Stainless Steel 
Stainless steel spoon is a great addition for stirring your brew in large pots. It is strong enough to mix up your mash to prevent those dreaded dough balls.

PRICE: $8.99


Spoon – 25 Inch Plastic 
Food grade plastic spoon.  It can tolerate contact with boiling temperatures.  The smaller end fits into carboy necks.

PRICE: $4.99



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