At Jay’s Brewing we carry all the essentials that you need for home brewing.  Our grains and hops are both served, “Loose,” so you can get exactly what you need for your recipe.




We also have recipe kits in case you don’t have a particular recipe.  These kits are made on the spot to help ensure that you have the freshest ingredients possible.  We do this for your benefit.




Brewing is much like cooking.  With cooking, if you start off with spoiled meat or stale bread, unless the recipe was calling for that for some odd reason, it will never taste like it is suppose to.  That is why at Jay’s Brewing we make sure that you are getting the freshest ingredients possible so, your beer will taste that much better.  If you start off with quality ingredients that are fresh and grains that are cracked right in front you – the beer will taste that much better!



Items Which Are Sold At Jay’s Brewing

Ale Kits

Lager Kits

Wine Kits

Brewing Hardware


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