5 Brewing Books That Are Great For Christmas Gifts

When Christmas comes around I always  like books as gifts.  I enjoy to read – normally I’ll have 2 or 3 books going on at once.  One of the best ways to learn about the hobby of homebrewing is to do it yes, but reading about different philosophies and ideas is a great way to expand your skills as a homebrewer too. So in my opinion, homebrewing books make great gifts for those that are thinking about the hobby or those that are currently homebrewers.

If you are a homebrewer or if you know a homebrewer and want to get them a gift relevant to the hobby, I have composed a quick 5 Brewing Books That Are Great For Christmas Gifts list.  I could have gone with more, but I figured to keep it short and sweet.  These are 5 books that I personally own, I also very much enjoy, and believe that they would make a great gift.   If any of these interest you, check out the links for them and they go into a much deeper review.  My objective is really to show what level of brewer these books are for and in general what to expect to get out of them.


5) Radical Brewing Recipes, Tales and World-Altering Meditations in a Glass

radicalThis book is primarily recipes but it does have a bit of information on different techniques and a bit of history about different beers.  This book is one that is really meant for brewers that don’t mind, “coloring outside of the lines”.  If you are a homebrewer that really likes traditional brewing, then this might not be the one that you want to get.  However, if you are willing to try some beers that are bit different and use some unusual ingredients, well, this one is the one that you want.



4) Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation

yeastThis is for the homebrewer that already has the bigger picture of brewing down, and really is based more towards the intermediate brewer as well as the advanced brewer.  If you are or know a homebrewer that is interested in the science aspect of the yeast, this is a must own.  It’s pretty easy to read, and will leave you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of how yeast works in the fermentation process.  You will gain a new appreciation for what is actually happening in fermentation.



3) Brewing Better Beer: Master Lessons for Advanced Homebrewers

brewing better beerAnother book for homebrewers that are already in the hobby but are looking to sharpen their skills.  I wouldn’t really call this book one for necessarily, “advanced” homebrewers but rather ones that have the bigger picture down.  The author that writes this book has a very conversational tone, and isn’t a jerk – always a plus. Some of these more advanced brewing books can sound like some guy that you just want to give a wedgy too with their condescending tone, not this author.  Again this book is really based towards those that know that they like the hobby and are looking to advance their skills.  This book is not a, “How to”, book though.  It’s one that is based more towards a provoking discussion.



2) CloneBrews, 2nd Edition: Recipes for 200 Brand-Name Beers

clone-brewsI love this book personally – it’s my favorite recipe book.  This book is great for any level of homebrewer.  It doesn’t matter if you do all-grain, partial, or extract with specialty grains.  Every recipe that is in the book has the same recipe, in all three formats.  The directions are step-by-step and extremely easy to follow.  The ingredients that are listed in the book are pretty common in homebrew shops and if a homebrew shop is out of them, in the back of the book they have all the different substitutes – genius.  Another thing I like about the book is, it gives a pretty good description of the beer itself.  It’s nice to know what you are about to brew.  Last thing about it that I personally like is that it has food pairing.  I’m a dork in that way, I like to know what to eat with my beer. The fact of the matter is this book a must as far as recipe books go, and is great for any level of brewer.



1) The Complete Joy of Homebrewing Third Edition

-The_Complete_Joy_of_Homebrewing-Third-EditionHonestly, I’m sure you saw this coming.  This book really is the Homebrewers Bible.  It’s a safe assumption to make that anyone in the hobby has either heard of, borrowed, or owns a copy of this book.  Why is that?  It is the ultimate intro into homebrewing.  It talks about what you need, how to use the equipment, what the different ingredients are, how to use the ingredients, how to brew, how to make your own recipe, it has recipes, how to do all-grain.  I mean this book is a complete guide.  The books audience is really intended for those starting out, or are just entering intermediate stages of the hobby.   I always highly suggest this book for people that interested in the hobby of homebrewing and don’t really know where to start, this is the answer.   Amazing book, and if you don’t own it you need too.

I’m curious, what books would you recommend for a gift or what homebrew books would you want to get this year?  Let me know if the comments below!

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Great Beer Book For The Spring

Since March is here and if you have a garden then you know, it’s gonna be planting season (another one of my many hobbies).  What’s cool about homebrewing is you can plant your own hops in your back yard.  With craft beer catching on, you might want to see if your local garden center has hops that you can plant.

Even if you didn’t want to plant your own hops and you wanted to have stuff in your garden that can be used for your beer, check out what different herbs can be used in your beer.

A great book for this is called, “The Homebrewers Garden”. This book is pretty cool in the sense that you as a homebrewer can get some knowledge on what to plant and how to use different herbs/spices to really enhance the flavor and the aroma of your beer.



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