Meet Your Maker Grain – Our New Mill Up And Running

So I wanted to put this post up because well, I’m super proud of it.  Before at Jay’s Brewing if you needed something milled, I had a mill in the back and I would mill it up for you.  Well that isn’t any fun for you, you should be able to mill your own grains!  Now you can mill your own grains with a push of a button, it isn’t loud either (like a drill).

  1. Push the black button
  2. Count to 2
  3. Start pouring your grains down from the top through the chicken wire (chicken wire is there so you can’t hurt yourself by accident).
  4. The grains come out of the gutter that is on the bottom of the mill into a bucket.
  5.  Boom it’s done.

It is fast and the mill can crush any of the grains that we carry.

Here is a video of the mill

Here is the mill in action (about 1.5 lbs of grain).

(Normally crush grains with the mill using a rolling start.  In this case, I didn’t have an extra set to hold the camera, so I had to improvise.)

The Mill From The Outside

What The Inside Of The Mill Looks Like

This project summed up one thing for me.  If you start a sentence with, “All you have to do is just_____” or “It’s fairly easy you just ____” that means that it will be a hard project.

I had to fabricate parts for this.  Learned about small motors, how pulleys work, how to gear down something that runs at 3400 RMP down to 330 RPM, how to make switches and the list goes on.  It started with, “All you have to do is JUST motorized it”.

I’m glad it’s done and beyond that I’m excited it works as well as it does.  I hope you guys enjoy it and also you will see your efficiency get pretty high if you use it for all-grain.  Like I said, the crush is among the best I’ve ever seen before.


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Pictures Of New Location

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Pictures From New Location

I’ve been taking pictures ever since Jay’s Brewing has moved so that we could look back on the progress of Jay’s Brewing because so many changes have, and will happen.  Quite honestly the design that we have and are still going after has been almost 100% influenced by customer suggestions.  So please keep up with suggestions we really do take them with heavy consideration.   I wanted to put together a quick timeline of Jay’s Brewing from the time we moved from our old shop.

Before I start I need to give a special thanks to my family/friends for helping me out  with the move.  First to my old man for his help with the building and giving ideas for designs.  Then of course to my mother for her, “IF YOU THINK IT YOU CAN DO IT!” cheerleader mentality.  My sister for helping we with the back room and bringing me food when I was here until 2am working on many nights.  Pat my mead making bud and excellent fisherman for helping with the staining of the wood and just about everything that went down at the shop.  Josh my partner in crime and brewing buddy for helping with the late nights.  Also Sean for the incredibly awesome beer Steins from Germany – can’t wait until your state side.  And of course for everyone that offered to help and stopped by to visit when I was moving (specifically I’m talking about customers – you guys rock).  I honestly think that customers of Jay’s Brewing are some of the coolest people out there.  And thank you for all of the excellent ideas!

I tried to pick some monumental pictures for this.

(The Place Being Empty & Looking Out)

(Uhh Yea, I’m Opening When?!”)

(Late Night Working On The Place After Carpet And Painting)

(It’s  Coming Together!)

(It’s The Simple Things In Life…)

(Building The Grain Shelves – The Bell Will Go Up Soon & It Will Be Awesome)

(H.F.H – You’re Amazing”)

(If I’m Not Brewing Or Salsa Dancing I’m Fishing – Killer Stein)

(So Legit)

(This Is What The Place Looked Like After I Just Had Moved From The Old Location.  Panic Is Setting In…)

(Looks Just As Bad In The Light Of The Morning)

(First Shipment Coming In, Better Bottles Off The Yin Yang)

(The Grain Shelves Are On The Way!)

(Josh Trying To Look Busy. And Watch Out For The Wall Of Bottles, You Break You Buy It Josh)

(Believe It Or Not, I Didn’t Need A Ladder For Anything.  Being 6’4 Is Amazing When It Comes To Changing Light Bulbs And Stacking. )

(Front Room Is Starting To Take Form)

(A Mill Would Look Amazing Here.. OH WAIT A MILL IS GOING TO BE THERE!)

( Starting To Really Look More Like A Homebrew Shop)

(Time To Meet Your Maker Grain… The Mill)

(And That’s Why I Needed To Build  A Box.  Didn’t Want Any Missing Fingers.  It’s A Beast.)

(Self Service Is Amazing, Thanks For The Suggestion!)

(Bulk Malt Extract – 180 lbs Each Container. )

(The Fridge Of Heavens Breath – Thanks For The Help With The Art Tina!)


(Getting Those Wine Kits In Slowly & The Place Is Coming Along!)

And that’s where we stand right now! More to come also.  Our webpage is going to get updated soon, we have more in  the store then what is reflected on our website. Don’t worry I didn’t forget about getting WYEAST.   Once I get what is referred to as Molasses Gates our kits will be ready and you will start to see things change on our website and then WYEAST to come.

Also if you are suffering from some nostalgia of our old shop you can check it out in a video that was done there before we moved.

Hope you enjoyed and thank you for telling your friends about Jay’s  Brewing!

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