Breweries Popping Up All Over The Place – A List

I get asked a lot about different breweries that coming to the Virginia area.  I know of quite a few actually.  So here is what I know, or better said this is the list that I can talk about (more coming).  If you see that I forgot some or any that are new or coming, just put it in the comment section below.


Bad Wolf Brewing

Just opened.  Jeremy Meyers is the head brewer.  Great beer and really puts his personality into the beer that he makes.   Here is their webpage.


Heritage Brewing Co.

This one is right next to Bad Wolf and myself.  Well kinda, right across the street.  Met these guys.  Super nice guys and very ambitious – like them already without having any of their beer. Website


Forge Brewing

This one is over in Lorton.  Head brewer use to be a homebrewer and is going to hold a bunch of competitions over at his place.  Website.


Crooked Run

This is going to be out towards Leesburg.  I really don’t know too much about this one.  Website.


Beltway Brewing

This is over in Sterling.  I’m to sure if they are going to sell or just do contracting.  But regardless, website.


Adroit Theory Brewing Co.

My impression is that they do bold beers.  But I haven’t heard too much about them.  It’s a nano –  got to support them.  Website


Old Ox Brewing

This one is going to be out in Loudoun.  It doesn’t seem to have too much information on their webpage but it looks like a nice set up they got going on.


CasaNoVa Brewing Company

This one I’ve heard about but don’t know where it really stands.  It’s suppose to be in Arlington.  I’ve actually met Paul the brewer back when we were at Clifton.  Wish them the best of luck!  Website.


Portner Brewhouse

This one should be over in Alexandria.  I don’t know too much about this one either.  Website.


Old Bust Head Brewing Co

This one is going to be pretty big.  30 barrel system big!  Charles was a customer at Jay’s Brewing, so of course I would love to see much success for his endeavors!  Article about it all.


Adventure Brewing

This is going to be over in Stafford.  I can’t really tell if they are open or going to be open.  I think going to be open.  Website.



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