Wine Kits

Barolo – Grand Cru 

Deep in color and has a high amount of tannins.  Full-bodied and is robust. Oaking is recommended for this wine.


Cabernet Sauvignon – Grand Cru 
A full-bodied red is dark in color and has an aggressive nature.  Has a violet presentation.  It is enhanced by oaking and does very will with aging.



Merlot – Grand Cru 
A smooth rich wine, it has a dark color.  It has a blackberry and currant flavor.  Has hints of green olives for the nose.



Pinot Noir – Grand Cru 
A rich red wine that carries a smooth flavor.  Has a soft texture and dark color.  Has subtle raspberry undertones.



Chardonnay – Grand Cru 
A full-bodied wine.  Has a hearty flavor in it with hints of green apple. Has a considerable amount of depth to it.



Johannisberg Riesling – Grand Cru 
A light colored wine which has a slight tartness.



Pinot Blanc – Grand Cru 
Rich, full bodied flavor and has an herbal aroma.  Has untertones of peach as well as apple.



Pinot Grigio – Grand Cru 
A dry wine with tones of green melon and a clean finish.



Sauvignon Blanc – Grand Cru 
A refreshing and clean wine.  Has a light aroma and herbal flavors with a touch of mint.  A French-style wine which ages well.



Zinfandel Blush – Grand Cru 
Has a hint of rose, fruity and refreshing to drink.  Has flavors which are reminiscent of fresh raspberries.  This wine is best consumed young.



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