Do you offer an AHA discount?

We sure do” 10% off all in store and online purchases.

Do you refill CO2 tanks?

UPDATE: YES WE DO!! ūüôā Jay’s brewing is the One-Stop-Shop for your brewing needs and we cant say that if we don’t carry a wide variety of Co2, and Co2 accessories. Consider us the Hank Hill of Co2. ūüėõ

Do you refill paintball CO2 tanks?

YES WE DO! Whether your looking for brewing supply’s or just need a quick refill on your paintball Co2 tanks Jay’s Brewing is the place! 10$ per refill

Do you sell wine kits?

We typicality stock over 20 different wine and sangria kits. As well as all the acids, tannins, adjuncts and and yeasts needed to make your favorite wines, meads and ciders.

Do you rent beer taps?

Absolutely! Jay’s Brewing has beer taps available for rent perfect for any occasion. 15$ for 3 days with a 50$ deposit.

Do you have a physical store?

Sure do! Visit us where it all started:

9790 Center Street
Manassas, VA 20110

I’m interested in home brewing. Do you sell starter kits?

Yes we do! We make our own in-house starter kits so we can customize what you want and what you need to ensure that you can brew a fantastic beer or wine.¬† There are a few levels of “Starter Kits” when you talk equipment, but you can expect to spend about $100 to get started with 5 Gallon brewing. Less if you go smaller.

What does a starter kit include?

Totally depends. At Jay’s we pride ourselves on cost savings. We are setup so customers can buy as little or as much as the want or need for their brew brew-day. Think- A custom tailored suit, without the custom price.

Do you sell recipe kits?

Absolutely! ūüôā And lucky for you, at jay’s we do things a bit differently. Our focus is on tailor-ability, scale-ability, and freshness. With over 350 recipes on hand,(Found here), we put together your recipe on the spot. This approach cant be found anywhere else in northern VA, and guarantee you get the freshest¬†ingredients. As an added benefit, say you want to dial down some smoked malt, or up the ABV.. Boom! It’s done. Right there. On the spot. ¬† #YoureABrewmaster.

How many gallons do your recipes make? 

That’s totally up to you. While most most recipes in the brewing community are developed to make 5 gallons, (48, 12 oz bottles), our unique setup allows you to scale that up or down as you see fit. 100 Gallons anyone?

How much does a recipe kit cost?

Our kits range in price from $28-$65.  It all depends on what type of beer you like to drink.  For instance,  Russian Imperials, Barley Wines, and Imperial IPAs have more ingredients, therefore, they will be more expensive. Brown Ales, Wheats, and Pale Ales contain fewer ingredients and are less expensive.  A Brown Ale may cost about $25-$35 but, a Russian Imperial Stout will cost around $50.

How do you sell your grains?

Quickly. ūüôā¬† The loose grain method lends itself to a quick moving product. This fast movement then translates to freshness and cost savings for you, the customer. As for the quantities we sell in; We sell grain from 1oz to 50lb Sacks.

I like lagers. How hard is it to make one?

Most people start with ales because they are easier,  however we do have a guide on how to make lagers. Go for it!

Do you home brew and can you answer my home brewing related questions?

Proud to say, YES! We wouldn’t be here if we couldn’t.¬† We LOVE this hobby, and are always SO excited to help and hear about the experiences of our customers.¬† Starting as extract brewers, Jill and I made our way through the partial mash, to BIAB, to All-Grain. We’ve even had some opportunity on the larger systems in the area.¬† The best part of it is, we’ve made every mistake in the book and have heard of many more.¬† We provide you with personalized help and¬†knowledge¬†about this hobby.¬† And if that’s not enough,¬† wlso we post up free information multiple times a week on our blog. ¬†Check it out!

Do you sell oak barrels? 

At the moment we let the Oak experts do this. You’ll find them at ¬† 1000 oak . “Thousand Oak”is located five minutes from Jay’s Brewing, and will assist you in all things barrel.

If I don’t see something on your website, can you special order it for me?

We’d be stupid not to.¬† Email us what you’re looking for and we’ll do everything we can to source it for you.

If I want a recipe kit, do I have to call in advance?

Nope. No appointment necessary. ūüėõ ¬† We put them together quickly. Normally it takes us 5 to 7 minutes.

What can I expect when I show up to Jay’s Brewing?

You can expect to be greeted with a smile followed by the smells of hops and grains.¬† At Jay’s Brewing we have a self-service lay out. ¬†That means if you know what you want, start measuring it out and we can assist you if necessary. ¬†If you are uncomfortable with the process or new to home brewing, we’re available to help. ¬†No matter what, you’ll always get asked if you need a hand.

Do you have a mill?

Yes, and many consider it the best in the¬† biz. We don’t charge for its use, nor do we limit the amount of milled grains per customer. ¬† If you plan on milling a large batch, please give us some notice by a phone call or sending ¬†us an e-mail and we can start milling for you. ¬† We strive to prevent lines, though it’s a pretty¬†quick mill.

Do you sell all-grain and extract ingredients?

Sure do. All the recipes found Here can be made in either extract or all grain.

What types of yeast do you carry?

We carry liquid and dry yeast.  We carry the brand White Labs for liquid yeast and a wide variety of dry yeast brands.  We do have a comparison chart in case your recipe is for WYEAST.

I’m thinking about going all-grain. How hard is it?

It’s not hard, just more time consuming. ¬†We have a¬†guide¬†on how to brew all-grain. ¬†It includes all the steps that need to be taken.

Is home brewing cheaper than buying beer?

The simple answer to that question is “maybe.” ¬†Personally, I have never picked a hobby to save money. ¬†Hobbies generally are a way to spend money and have fun. ¬†Some beers are a lot cheaper to make than to buy. ¬†If you are comparing home brewing to the price of¬†Keystone¬†or¬†Natural Light, it will be hard to make a beer that will compete with those prices. ¬†When it comes to quality, however, home brewing far more¬†superior.

Does making your own beer really taste that much better?

It is night and day. ¬†Honestly, a bad¬†home brew¬†tastes better then a good commercial beer. ¬†It’s much like making your own bread. ¬†Bread that is hot out of the oven, made with fresh ingredients, and went through the natural process will always taste better than store-bought bread.

Is it easy to find clone recipes?

Most often, yes. ¬†We have the most luck when we type in a search engine, “______ beer recipe clone.”

Do you offer a military discount?

Absolutely!  Jill and I are both veterans and are proud to offer 10% off, to all Active Duty, Reserves, and Retired personnel. We also extend this discount to our educators, law enforcement, and firefighting men and women. 

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to call or email us!

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